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About Winton House Centre

Who We Are And What We Do

We Aim

To deliver a variety of services and activities for those needing support, to combat isolation, and provide socialising and volunteering opportunities.


We Aim

To support and work together with other charities and voluntary organisations to enable them to meet their aims and objectives. We enable community groups to meet in an affordable setting.


We Aim

To maintain this beautiful Grade II listed building so that its use continues to benefit the local community.

Winton House Centre was formed in 1980 by Chairwoman Joyce Perry and transferred from Hylton Road to the High Street in 1982. It was formed to provide shared premises for several local charities and to provide a hub for sharing local information, especially for the elderly and those in need of support.

The Pop-In Tea Room evolved from the amount of people coming in each day and soon began to be  open daily to the public. Age Concern were one of the first charities to be housed at Winton House and are still based here and continue to run a wealth of services for the older population. 

The ground floor houses the Winton Room, Courtyard Room and the Information Desk from which many services and activities operate (this needs linking). The upper floors are private flats which provide an income stream for the charity to operate. Winton House is run by a dedicated team of over 70 volunteers, and three part time members of staff.

Winton House Centre is a Grade II listed building with an incredibly rich history. It was built around 1590 as part of a busy coaching inn, and was known as the 'White Hart' and provided a staging post for travellers on the London to Portsmouth Road. The land at the rear which is now the central car park had stables for 100 horses and pasture land. In the 18th century the building was updated by adding the Georgian frontage we see today and used as a family home, in 1902 it became a Dr's surgery. 

In the 1920s leading professional and business people of the town formed a local Trust called 'The Petersfield Women's Institute and Blue Triangle Club' and in 1921 the Trust purchased Winton House to provide premises for 'cultural, mental, social and spiritual activities for all and a residential hostel for girls'.  The building has been used as the town's library, a school and by the YWCA and was used during the war to house Service and Land Army girls, a Services Canteen, Firewatchers and Air Raid Precautions. The Winton Players started life at Winton House in 1947. In 1978 land at the rear was sold to enable Burgesmede to be built and it was around this time that several local charities were looking for a base and the Trust owning Winton House leased the ground floor to them. 

In 2011 The Winton House Trust (who owned the building) and the Winton House Centre (who ran charitable services from the ground floor), merged to form the current Winton House Centre charity.

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